Chas Hayes 1000yrd Round One 2017


Roger King top scores  at the Chas Hayes 1000 yard (914 m) match.

Under freezing conditions with a blustery wind the local East Central District Rifle Association team took out the first round of the Chas Hayes memorial Pennant shot over 1000yuards(914m) at Karramomus on Saturday by 15 points. The results were: East Central 589  Shepparton Nathalia’s 574, Nagambie 559, Karramomus  553 and Katandra 114.

Chas Hayes round one 2017

Geoff James on the right coaches Matt Frazer (next left) at 1000yards on the Karramomus Range on Saturday.  Note the warm clothing that was required to defeat the bitterly cold conditions.

With some very good marksman present this was a major achievement for the ECDRA.  An indication on how difficult the conditions were is that Len Hayes from Shepparton Nathalia was the only shooter to shoot a possible Off-Rifle. The 1000yard (914m) has been the nemesis of the ECDRA as so many variables have to be mastered to score well, some would say just hitting the target at this distance is a feat in istself.  Roger King proved that he was up to the task and in shooting a 127 (with handicap) top scored for the day for all the five teams.  It was Roger’s consistency with 54.2 and 58.4 off-rifle that ensured he shot to his handicap and above. Well done Roger.  Just behind him and the only other shooter to reach the 120 point score was the ECDRA’s Matt Frazer.    The local team coaches led by Geoff James OBE (Over B___ eighty) were tearing their hair out trying to read the conditions and at the end of the day were totally bushed.  The results and the shot plots show that they did a brilliant job as they worked with each shooter to keep them in the middle of the target.  The results were: Rodger King 54.2, 58.4, 112.6, 15,handicap for 120 (top score for the ECDRA and for all comers on the day); Matt Frazer 56.2, 54.2, 110.4, 10, handicap for120;  Des Coulter 58.4, 51.1,109.5, 6, handicap for 115; Marty Kelly 51.1, 54.1, 105.2, 9, handicap for 114; Neale Hambridge 50.1, 54.2, 104.3, 9, handicap for113; David Wallace 51.1, 53.2, 104.3, 9, handicap for 113; Graeme Kerr 51.1, 52.2,103.3, 6, handicap for109; Geoff James 47, 48.1, 95.1, 11 handicap for 106.  The shooters were not slow in getting to the club house to warm up and enjoy the now famous Karramomus hospitality.  The one thing that was consistent in all conversations was how difficult the day was, yes there were patches of easier conditions but you still had to shoot well to get a good score. It was also a relief that none of the ECDRA members were up for a flagon - the penalty for shooting on the wrong target.   Next week the ECDRA members will be seeking some relief of the pressure of match shooting and to refocus for the next two rounds of the Chase Hayes pennant and the Victoria Champions of Champions match in October ( these championships always finish at 1000 yards so the ECDRA members have had some good practice so far).  Shooting will be at Violet Town and new shooters are most welcome.