New Hexta Target and Rosedale OPM

Complete Set of Hexta Electronic Targets

Rosedale OPM Results

Friday March 16 the East Central District Rifle Association became an all electronic range with the delivery of No2 electronic target. That completes the set of three targets as No 1 and 3 were already in place. Ted, from Hex Systems, delivered the No2 Target and assisted with both placement in the Target pit and double checked the electronics and computers to ensure the latest firmware and the current software versions were in place and working.

New Target

Thanks to Rosco, David and Graeme who led the ECDRA team facilitating the installation of the Target, the box like structure is 2m square and weighs about 70kg so the move into the target pit was no mean feat. What a fantastic achievement as the the complete electronic system will ensure all shoots can be run at maximum efficiency.  

Competition shoots will take less time, no more shooting in fading light (we hope) and on club days more time to assist shooters get the most fun out of their sport.

Speaking of fun, Marty Kelly led a group including new shooters Brian Houlihan and Robert Irving to the Rosedale two day prize shoot, Rosedale was one area of the State that was not subject to a total fire ban. Day one was a great day out for Marty as he started with 60.6 at 500 yards winning the stage for F Target Rifle and then taking the day by 0.3 points with 170.10 points. Brain Houlihan won the 600 yard stage in F Standard B grade with 55.5 and not to be left out Robert Irving in F Standard B grade at 700 took the stage with 51.2 and second place for the day with 154.5.

Not a bad opening for the first open prize shoot for 2018. Day two dawned with the forecast of destructive northerly winds and the promise that the shoot would still go ahead even though the shoot was over 800, 900 and 1000 yards. The ECDRA shooters were off to a great start again with Marty winning 800 for F Target Rifle with 59.4 and Robert Irving winning 800 for F standard B grade with 57.1. The wind (as we all experienced across the state) picked up and buffeted the range with Marty saying judging the wind became the realm of very experienced shooters. In the end the wind became too much and the 1000 yrd range was cancelled.

As the scores were tallied at the end of day two Marty Kelly in F class Target Rifle came second overall with a grand total of 274.16 out of 300.50. Robert Irving in F class B grade taking second place on day two with 98.1 and second in the grand aggregate with 257.6. Brian Houlihan came fourth overall in F Standard B grade with 240.4. An excellent start considering the difficult conditions, limited experience in reading extreme winds and shooting over the longer ranges of 700, 800 and 900 yards

An outstanding performance for our small club shooting in open competition (no help with reading the wind and keeping the shooter in the middle of the target). Both Brian and Robert have been shooting for less than 18 months!

Back on the ECDRA home range it is only two weeks before the annual prize shoot with the Dragon Diesel Challenge and the pennant season following. It is a busy time yet there is time for new shooters to come and join the fun and the challenge of long range shooting. Discussion with landholders over the weekend revealed that vermin like foxes are becoming harder to shoot with some landholders taking foxes at 140m. Such fatal and safe shots are only possible with well tuned firearms in the hands of people capable of precision shots. If this describes your sort of vermin shooting you would be most welcome to come along to the ECDRA range and learn how to make those difficult shots safely and accurately.