Grantville Shoot for Autism 2018


5th Annual Shoot For Autism


The 5th Annual Shoot for Autism was held by the sea at the Grantville Rifle Range over both days on the weekend. The Grantville range is close to the sea and subject to all the vagaries of the sea breeze and the dull overcast first day with little wind was a great day for shooting and the scores refleted that.  Marty Kelly had a great weekend only dropping two points over the entire shoot of 5 ranges with a score of 358.29  out of a possible 360.60 a fantastic effort to take first place in F Target Rifle class.

Marty Grantville

Fellow ECDRA member Terry Gee shot 356.27 in F Open yet again a brilliant shot and was forced into fourth place. Terry shot exceptionally well on Saturday not dropping a point 60.5, 60.5, 60.7 = 180.17 a score that would normally put you in first and yet on the day could only make third place.  Marty on the other hand shot a 59.7,60.3,60.4 = 179.14 and first place in F T/R.

With 500 yards out of the way it was back to 600 on Sunday this time each stage involved 15 scoring shots.  At the end of a two day shoot and in very wintry conditions the 15 shot shoots proved to be a real challenge yet again our ECDRA shooters acquitted themselves well, Marty with 89.7 and 90.8 winning both stages and then with a 358.29 won the two day aggregate.  Terry shooting 87.5 (fourth place) 89.5 (fifth place) and a grand aggregate total of 356.27 to be placed fourth.

What great shooting form our Mountain Marksmen and what great practice for the Avenel Trophy. Marty and Terry said that the changes in the conditions influenced by the sea were quite different to those found on the inland ranges and this required them to use every tool in the book to stay on target. We can only wonder how it can be that they shot so well yet it was so hard to find a place on the podium.