303 Classic Invitational 2018

2018 Classic 303 Invitational Shoot

Grandfather’s rifle takes pride of place on the range.

Zero check at 100 yards for the old 303 rifles the first Range of Saturdays 303 shoot.  Andrew Braden, as Range Officer, is in the fluro vest with Graeme Kerr at the bench with an “as-issued No4 303”  in the foreground and Rosco Davis on the spotting scope calling the shooters shots at the bench in the background. The old rifles performed remarkably well.  The "iron sights" were a challenge for those who regularly use telescopic sights.


Members and friends dusted off these old rifles that ruled the range in the 1950’s and were the rifle that the Anzacs depended on in both world wars.

The Targets that were used on Rifle Ranges from the time period when Bullets were given out FREE by the Government.


 Andrew Braden organised the shoot and provided the following report of the shoot.

"The weather was perfect for the shoot. The morning was cool and sunny, with a breeze springing up just before lunch. The afternoon saw the breeze continue, but it did not have much effect on the shooting. The day started with a zero check at 100yd.s which was followed by the first match at 36yd.s. This was standing and consisted of five rounds deliberate, followed by five rounds rapid. Lunch followed.

2018 303 Shoots

Then it was 300yd.s. for the second match. This was a ten shot deliberate from the prone position. Some Classic Class competitors decided to try their hand at Service Class during the second match, which was followed by much mutterings about sight pictures with the open sights. The third match found the remaining competitors at 200yd.s where they could either sit or kneel. Again, it was a ten shot deliberate.