Karramomus Picnic Shoot

Karramomus Picnic Shoot 2017

What a weekend for our local Marksmen

David Wallace, member  of the East Central District Rifle Association Inc.,  won  the F Class Standard B grade Goulburn Valley DRA Prize shoot on Saturday and  ECDRA Captain Marty Kelly won  the F Class Standard A grade Karramomus Picnic shoot on Sunday.  Both shoots were held on the Karramomus rifle range under what can only be described as less than ideal conditions.  The cold, the wind and the rain conspired to sort out the top marksmen, the only relief was that both shoots were conducted over 500 and 600 yards and not the 1000 yards where the conditions would have been almost impossible.  It was not a weekend for the faint hearted as Marty found when he shot 60.5 only to find he was fifth at the first 500 yard range on Saturday.  On Sunday he made sure he was on the top of the podium in first place with a 60.6 at the first range.

Marty Kelly displaying with pride his No 1 Badge F Class  Standard A grade for the Karramomus Picnic shoot held last Sunday.

Marty Kelly F Standard A Class winner Karramonus Picnic Shoot 2017


On both days, David Wallace (at his first Prize shoot) shot very consistently including a first place on the second 500 yards on Saturday with a 58.4.   Both marksmen were challenged by the high number of 60’s being shot and it was with a sense of surprise and pride that at the end of the day on Saturday David had taken first place in the F Class Standard B grade and  on Sunday 4th place.  Marty found he had shot his way into third place on Saturday and then on Sunday  first place ( dropping only two points for the day) in F class Standard A grade.  Both marksmen commented on how they had not noticed the rain as they were focused on one thing and that was placing their shots in the centre of the target.  David found that adjustments of his sights required very close attention to elevation as very small adjustments made a difference of one whole point as the wind gusted across the range.   The feature of the weekend was the great fellowship and sportsmanship of all participants and of course the fantastic Karramomus dinner on Saturday night was up to its usual high standards.  The results for David Wallace shooting F Class Standard B grade were:  Day one GVDRA Prize shoot - 500 yards  57.3 (third place) 500 yards 58.4 (first place) 600 yards 57.3 (second place)and a total of 172.10 - First Place.  On Day two the Karramomus picnic shoot 500 yards 56 (third place), 500 yards 56.2 (third place) 500yards 54.2 (third place) and a total of 166.4 fourth place.  Marty Kelly’s scores, shooting F Class Standard A grade were:  Day One, Goulburn Valley District Rifle Association 2017 prize shoot; 500yards 60.3 (5th place) 58.3 (7th place) and 600 yards 56.1(10th place)  for a total of 174.7 and third place; day two Karramomus Picnic shoot, 500 yards 60.6 (1st place) 500yards 58.2 (6th place) 60.7 (1st place) and a total of 178.15 (first place).   A feature of scores were the number of shots in the dead centre of the target signified by the number after the decimal point.  That Marty Kelly could shoot a 60.7 just 0.3 off a perfect score after a weekend of shooting in the most miserable of conditions is proof that he is ready for the Champions of Champions match to be held in October.  This year Marty will be joined by Matt Frazer who is the ECDRA’s champion in F Class Open.  Let us trust that the ECDRA marksmen’s good form holds to ensure they can do their best at the state championships.