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Here is some information that might get you started:

  1. We are a NRAA/VRA club that shoots full-bore long range disciplines that carry on from the "303 shooting" of a previous era. There are 3 categories or classes - "Target Rifle", F Class Open, and F Class Target Rifle. The following links might be useful to you:
  1. We shoot mainly in the cooler months, but not exclusively. Our shooting consists of:
  • Pennant matches, regional team comps (like the footy). The year's pennant matches are shot April through October
  • Club comps
  • Practices and development work mainly on Wednesdays and on Saturdays when there is no Pennant fixtures or Club Comp fixtures
  • State level comps
  • Prize meetings on an individual basis hosted by clubs, associations and the big one the Queens Prize series.
  • Here is the VRA calendar:
  • http://www.vra.asn.au/calendar.shtml
  1. Getting started:
  • Equipment- you could use your own rifle but soon you will find that the target equipment is way more accurate. We have a club rifle and some club ammo as a starter. Best to visit a shoot and have a look first before you spend any cash.
  • membership costs- ECDRA $60 per year, usage costs $10 per day or $200 for full year if paid in advance - members need also to join the NRAA & VRA as well (speak to us first). Here is the link to the costs: http://www.vra.asn.au/membership.shtml
  • Basically you are up for about $400 for a full year but there are pro-rate costs for new membership
  1. What to do next?
  • Work out when you are free and check the calendars. You will see that some Saturdays are shown as “Club shoots” or “Practice/testing” and these might be best to get a proper introduction.
  • Work out what your interest is in the shooting sports is at the moment:
    • Do you have a “shooter’s licence”?
    • Do you have your own firearm?
    • Do you want to use one of the Club’s precision rifles?
    • Have you shot precision rifles before?
    • Do you simply want to check the sights on your own rifle?
  • Send an email to one of the Committee members to make an appointment:
    • President – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Secretary – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this information sheet here