Wangarrata Charity Shoot 2017

Wangarrata Charity Shoot Raises $5847 for Cancer Research

The East Central District Rifle Association members this week made the trip to the Wangaratta rifle range at Glenrowan for the charity shoot to raise funds for cancer research.  Shooters from all over North Central, Northern Country and North east Victoria gathered at Glenrowan for a charity shoot over 300, 500 and 600 metres.  The weather was not kind as it took a turn away from Spring to a very wintery day with showers and a very fickle wind that dropped out only to suddenly appear again.  The shooters were looking forward to the blue skies of the previous few days took it all in their stride and really enjoyed the day and the generous hospitality of the Wangaratta rifle Club.

Wangarrata Charity Shoot

The ECDRA winners L to R Graeme Kerr 1st 500 yards F standard A grade, Marty Kelly Standard B Grade 2nd Overall and David Wallace F Standard B Grade winner overall.

So it came as a very pleasant surprise to find that $5846.85 had been raised for cancer research.  With ECDRA’s president, Robert Chaffe, one of the recent casualties of this dreaded condition there was a real personal interest in the cause and an incentive to shoot well.  Marty Kelly took second place overall in F standard A grade and David Wallace took first place overall in F Standard B grade.  Graeme Kerr, not to left out of the prizes, had a stage win at 500yards.  Rodger King, Neal Hambridge and new shooter Brian Houlihan all found the conditions very testing as they struggled with the subtle changes in light and wind, although they still managed some good shooting.  The shooters all voted it a great day out, and there was a big thank you to Wangaratta for organizing the shoot.

Next week some ECDRA members may make it to the Prize shoot at Horsham while others will be at Violet Town to get some practice in before the Wodonga Long Range Picnic shoot the following week (the 16th) and the final stage of the Chas Hays pennant on the 23.  New shooters are most welcome. You may also wish to view the YouTube video "East Central District Rifle Association"