ECDRA Practice at Violet Town

A Relaxing shoot for ECDRA at Violet Town

Rosco Davis

The East Central District Rifle Association marksmen had a relaxing day on Saturday at the Violet Town Shooting Complex.  Well the sun was shining, the pressure of completion was off and that VT wind was up to its fickle best! A Keen Visitor  came along to see what this precision long range target shooting was all about,  the last time he had used a centre fire rifle was while doing Nation Service in the 1970’s.  With the assistance of some very experienced wind coaches he proved that he had remembered quite a bit about shooting and posted not only a good score but a very nice group showing that he has the potential to be quite proficient at this sport. Best of all he had a very enjoyable afternoon. Yes, there was much muttering about this Violet Town wind and by the end off the day most agreed that VT actually stood for very tricky. Geoff James took off the top score for the day with 111.4 and was please to get that.

Rosso Davis was the shooter who was "on song" after a fair bit of fiddle with his telescopic rail. At 600 yards Rosco managed to place all his scoring shots in a slot 104mm high, his recorded score of 51.3 does not tell the best part of his day on the range. A spectacular group that the Very Tricky wind literally blew apart.

Others took the chance to try new loads and different disciplines including F class Target Rifle, one of the most challenging of all the disciplines. By the time the range was packed up and it was time for a cuppa everyone was very pleased with their day on the range with notebooks full of information that will help in the next two rounds of the long range championships, the Sate Team Championships and the State Champion of Champions competition.  The ECDRA team and individual champions have a very good chance in all these competitions and today's shoot has given just that little more information that will help them do their best on the day.