Perfect Conditions, Perfect Training and Perfect Scores

Perfect Conditions, Perfect Training and Perfect Scores Follow

The dedication of training twice a week over the hot summer months while most clubs take a break has finally delivered results, and now the full cohort of the newer shooters have achieved perfect “60” scores. During the week, Dr Robert Irving (Bob is in his first 3 months of full bore competitive shooting) achieved his first “60” with 6 centres. The 60 is a perfect score and a centre is the very middle of the target used to tie-break perfect scores. On the 500 yards (457 metres) target, a “centre” is a mere 65 mm in diameter - visualise a soft drink can base, they are 66 mm in diameter!

The shooting sports are dominated worldwide by current members of the British Commonwealth, and former members the United States of America, South Africa, and the Republic of Ireland. The old measure of yards still hold sway in shooting.

Geoff James Shooting

Photo. Long standing ECDRA member Geoff James performs some final bench testing over the  electronic targets, in order to extract peak performance from his new rifle barrel fitted this last week. The old barrel became progressively suspect over the last few shoots, and examination with a microscopic borescope revealed some small chipping on the rifling lands which affected accuracy. Geoff is now back on track to return to State level performance, since the equipment problem has been diagnosed and rectified.

On Saturday the Perfect Possible trend was repeated, with ECDRA's other new member Brian Houlihan recording a magic “60”, along with an impressive 6 centres. Not to be outdone, Neal Hambridge put down his first “60” as well, also with 6 centres, using his superb new 6.5 mm Lapua rifle. Neal went one better, placing all his shots within a vertical spread of 57 mm, indicative of the precision of his equipment, ammunition and technique.

Brian 60Rob 60

Neal 60

It seems this rush of perfect scores has inspired the longer standing members to also lift their game, and on Saturday David Wallace achieved his goal of a full day of shooting without a single dropped point. Each range a “60”, with 5 centres, then 4 and then another 4 centres for a top score for the day of a perfect 180 with 13 centres.

Club Captain Marty Kelly, who also is shooting brilliantly with a new barrel and improved ammunition, achieved a runner-up score for the day of 179 with 20 centres. Marty made the remark that long standing ECDRA members are extremely proud that hard earned knowledge has been passed over successfully to the newer shooters, making ECDRA a true champion team, and not simply a team of champions.