Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect at Least that's the Objective

It was another practice day at Violet Town this week with members shooting off the somewhat uncompleted 600yrd mound as renovations were started a few weeks back. We all know how renovations go with the job always being a bit bigger than planned.

Once again it was a blustery day with a sharply changing and unpredictable wind. This did not stop the shooters from trying out some new loads and concentrating on good shooting techniques in preparation for the upcoming State Team competitions.

Norm Lineham

Norm Lineham relaxing before his turn to shoot.

Marty Kelly the club captain made the trip to the Lang Lang range to contest its annual prize shoot consisting of 15 shots at 500 and 600 yards .  Marty was keen to practice his wind reading ability on yet another different range in preparation for the State Teams shoot. Despite his recent experience at the Horsham range where the mirage made sighting very difficult it was nothing to what Lang Lang turned on. The warm day exasperated the strength of the mirage and this, combined with a very fickle wind proved to be a test for all shooters.  Marty shot 85.7 at 500 and was ranked 12th and then at 600 he shot 86.6 to be ranked 5th along with significant insights into working in conditions where mirage is an issue.