Victorian Queens Prize 2018

Queens Prize


Local Mountain Marksmen David Wallace wins the Victorian Queen”s prize for F Class Standard B grade.

David Queens 1

David Wallace receiving the winners trophy for the Queen’s Prize in F class Standard B Grade. This trophy will stand along side the trophies for David’s first place in the David Syme  and the The Perc Pavey Grand Champion plus numerous medals for individual range prizes. No wonder there are big smiles all around.

David Wallace, one of the five man contingent of from the East Central District Rifle Association that took on the challenge of the Victorian Queen’s prize shoot for 2018 was completed last Sunday on the Wellsford range at Bendigo. David won the Queen’s Prize for F Class Standard B grade.

The three day shoot was held under almost ideal conditions with the usual Bendigo weather that pushes and pulls the projectiles requiring the shooters to apply intense concentration to keep their shots in the maximum scoring zone. David said that as this was his first Queen’s prize he vacuumed up every bit of knowledge he could find to try and get an edge on his opponents. The Queens prize really is a marathon event shooting in as many different weather conditions and ranges that is possible. It is not just one good range that wins the prize although a bad one may lose it. You need to keep focused and be consistent. This really became an issue as his main rivals were to shoot before him at the last range, David was in third place going into the last 1000 yards!

David decided that this was the time to use all that information he had collected and his first shots were spot on as he very carefully adjusted to the weather changes shown by the mirage. Head down and David finished with a 58 to finish with a total score of 457.24. The wait was on for the final score to be tallied and double checked and yes, it was correct David Wallace was the Victorian Queen’s prize winner for 2018 in F class Standard B Grade! David was afforded a place alongside all the class winners as the Target Rifle Class Queen’s Prize winner was Chaired to the presentation area accompanied by bagpipes brought to the occasion by a piper in full dress as is the tradition dating back to 1881 and the Queens Military Musketeers.

In the back ground the rest of the ECDRA representatives had big smiles as Marty Kelly had taken third place In the Queens F class Target Rifle with 463.30 and Graeme Kerr with 459.33 in fourth place. Terry Gee in the F Class Open Class took 8th place with 464.30. Terry’s place is quite special as he was forced to give up shooting for the past two years due to a very serious back injury. Terry has only been back shooting for the past two months, a fantastic effort.

The Queen’s prize is one that is held in very High esteem as it marks the pinnacle of success as a precision target rifle shooter. As a run up to the Queen’s prize is the David Syme known simply as the Syme and many country and interstate shooters use this shoot both as a warm up for the Queen's and a chance to renew old friendships. This social side of the sport is regarded by many as the best part yet the competition in the Syme is just as intense because it then allows the Queen's prize shooters to be in the running for the Perc Pavey Grand Championship.

The Pavey involves 140 precision shots over five days shot over distances from 500 to 1000 yards and is a prize that is very hotly contested as Perc Pavey is a name that has been coincident with top shooting for almost a century.
How did our ECDRA shooters fair? To say the least they put on a brilliant performance in the Syme with David Wallace First in F Class Standard B grade, with a score of 333.20 , Graeme Kerr First in F class Target Rifle with a score of 350.20, Marty Kelly Third in F Class Target Rifle with a score of 339.22 and Terry Gee eighth in F Class Open with a score of 344.13. With these results the Pavey winners are no secret. In F class Standard B grade David Wallace first place with 790.44. In F class Target Rifle First Graeme Kerr with 809.53 and second place filled by Marty Kelly with 809.52. In F class Open Terry Gee in 6th place with 808.43. Bob Irving was only able to compete for a couple of days of the Queen’s “for the experience” as he is a new shooter.

It is fantastic that of the ECDRA shooters Graeme Kerr is the only one with extensive experience the others have been outstanding students of the sport. The ECDRA’s electronic target system has ensured that new shooters get the full benefit of the experience of others and Graeme Kerr gives the target system significant credit for the performance of the ECDRA contingent. What a week in shooting, but it is back to business next Saturday with the first round of the short range 500 and 600 yard pennants the Parker Cup for off rifle competition and the McAuliffe Shield for the handicap competition.

New shooters are always welcome but it is a good idea to contact the secretary as just like in football home and away matches are held, as well as fitting in other Clubs competitions.