Chas Hayes Long Range Pennant Round Two 2017

Second Place for ECDRA in the Chas Hayes Long Range Pennant. The first loss of a match for the 2017 season.

East Central District Rifle Association Team was a close second to Shepparton Natalia. The second round of the Chas Hayes Memorial Long Range Pennant shoot was over 900 yards at the Karramomus range on Saturday 26 August.   The final scores were Shepparton/ Nathalia 605, ECDRA 601, Nagambie 589, Karramomus 588 and Katandra 357. Although Kantandra were down 2 shooters eliminating there chances no matter how well the other team members shot. The competition now all hangs on the last round, to be shot in September, with ECDRA and Shepparton Nathalia on top with 9 points, Nagambie 6 points, Karramomus 4 points and Katandra 2 points. 

Round two on Saturday started under leaden skies with a light but fickle fish tailing winds from behind the shooters. The conditions play a vital part when shooting 900 yards and they certainly foxed the shooters and their coaches in the first stage.  Scores were down on average and there were "odd shots" appearing out of the normal shooters group. The ECDRA team were looking at the first stage scores and there was a determination to improve their scores for the second stage. It was Graeme Kerr with a 58.2 who broke the jinx and the team rallied on the second stage with all shooters improving their scores. New shooter David Wallace top scored for the ECDRA with a 59.  David also top scored off-rifle for the ECDRA with 115.3 and also on handicap with 124.

Round 2 Chass Hayes 2017

Above Marty Kelly Club Captain Preparing to Shoot the Second Range.

The consistency off the team again was the strength that kept them in in the competition with only 3 points off-rifle separating the first and last member of the team. Three of the top members of the ECDRA shot above their handicap.A good effort by all but not quite good enough to match the great shooting of the Shepparton Nathalia team on the day.  Gary Thomas, from Nagambie, had the best range score for the day 50.7 just 0.3 off a perfect score for target rifle. 

The warm Club House, the very welcome afternoon tea and cuppa were again a hit with all the shooters.  It was a very different feeling for our local team as this is the first pennant match they have lost in 2017. This focused commitment and determination the determination to win the third and final match of the Chas Hayes pennant to be shot over 800 yards on the 23 September 2017.  Based on the team’s past performance every member will be doing their best and we wish them well.